Becoming the mindful competitor means performing at your peak consistently and enjoying yourself while doing it. In fact, sport psychology research has linked being mindful with optimal experience, better known as flow or the zone.  Failing to be mindful can invite conditions like anxiety, stress, doubt, burnout, and depression, which often interfere with performance and may prevent you from achieving your goals.  If you have found yourself struggling to live in balance or reach your potential, then learning to become the mindful competitor could be your solution. 

The science behind mindfulness for performance is exploding, prompting what TIME Magazine has referred to as "The Mindful Revolution."  World-class athletes, championship teams, political and business leaders, as well as Fortune 500 companies have turned to this style of mental training for a needed edge.  Among those who have discussed their use of mindfulness practice are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Seattle Seahawks, Steve Jobs, Congressman Tim Ryan, General Mills, and Google.  Schools are emphasizing mindfulness to students and hospitals are offering mindfulness to medical staff to boost their performance and well-being.  You can learn to do anything mindfully: play sports, eat, exercise, work, learn, study, parent, budget, and so much more.  Imagine what harnessing the full power of your attention could do for your performance!    

Your guide to becoming the mindful competitor is Keith A. Kaufman, Ph.D.  Dr. Kaufman is a licensed psychologist in Virginia and the District of Columbia with office locations in Old Town Fairfax and the Friendship Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC.  Dr. Kaufman co-developed mindful sport performance enhancement (MSPE), an influential sport psychology program now being used worldwide.  He and his colleagues have written a book, Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement: Mental Training for Athletes and Coaches published by the American Psychological Association, which Jon Kabat-Zinn has described as "terrific."  The book and accompanying DVD in which Dr. Kaufman demonstrates MSPE techniques with university golfers are now available to order.    

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